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Frequenty Asked Questions

Some Common Questions About CBMs And Bracketron Products


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Question: I have questions but can’t find the answers on your website.

Answer: If you have questions and can’t find what you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime. Our standard business hours are 8am to 5pm CST. If you would like us to call you back please let us know this in your message. Please visit the contact us page so you can direct your inquiry to the appropriate department for a faster response.

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Question: What is a CBM and can an average person install one?

Answer: CBM stands for “Custom Bezel Mount”. CBMs are mobile and or portable phone mounts that are designed specifically to fit your make and model vehicle perfectly, providing a safe, sturdy and easy way to use your phone in your car or truck. A CBM blends in with your existing dash to appear to be an OEM original equipment manufactured part without damaging the dash and preserving the resale of your vehicle. CBMs are secured using the existing screws behind your radios dash bezel for a solid and secure place to hang your phone.
Most of our CBMs are installed by professional installers but can be installed by most handy consumers. We recommend checking the level of difficulty of your application from the pull down menu at the top of this page. After finding your application locate the little screwdriver icons and click to view the installation difficulty. If you don’t think the job is for you, you can always locate a local installer to help you with your purchase or installation. It’s the perfect solution for people that are serious about keeping the integrity of their automobile.

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Question: I would like to buy a CBM or other Bracketron Products, where can get them?

Answer: You can find our products at reputable cellular, two-way, and mobile electronics dealers and distributors across the US and Canada. Use our local dealer locator to find a dealer in your area that can help you with installation and purchasing of our products.

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Question: Can a CBM get in the way or interfere with airbags?

Answer:The answer to that question is NO. We design all of our products with the idea of safety first. The location of a CBM in a vehicle is very important and we will not design a CBM if the deployment of an airbag is in question by our engineers and design team.

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Question: Bracketron’s instructions call out for special tools that I have never heard of, what are these tools and where can I get them?

Answer: On some applications we recommend certain tools that are needed to complete an installation. There are four tools that we use regularly. These tools can be purchased through us. We sell them as a convenience to our professional installers and are available to you. You can also purchase these tools at your local car dealership or favorite tool supply. Click the links below to view a picture and description of the tool on our special tools page.

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Question: Are these special tools really needed to install my CBM?

Answer: Yes, these tools are needed when the instructions for that mount call out for them. A few manufactures require these tools to remove the radios from the dash. We use these tools because we know they work and will not damage your vehicles dash. Note: always read the Bracketron instruction for the tool that you are planning on using.

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Question:What is a passive holding device or PHD?

Answer: A Passive holding device is an industry name for a device or product that secures a mobile or portable phone in an idle position for easy accessibility. PHD’s are perfect for hands free use in a vehicle. See our product page for products in this category.