Apple releases new phone with Qi Wireless Charging

Apple announced the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, which features Qi (pronounced CHEE) wireless charging. Along with many other new features, the Qi Wireless charging allows Apple users a hassle-free way to charge their iPhones while on the go. 

“We strive to promote safe driving and what better way to do that than having a Qi Wireless Charging mount. Although wireless charging has been available in the marketplace, Apple has brought the technology to the forefront with the launch the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X that are all Qi-enabled. We want drivers to remain hands-free while on the road, now they don’t have to fumble around with charging cables.” – Andy Chow, Vice President Product & Business Development at Bracketron.

What is Qi Wireless Charging? Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from the charging base to your smartphone. 

What does that mean? You no longer have to plug a cable into your smartphone. The cable is now attached to a charging base, where you can easily place your phone on the charging base and you’re done.

Don’t get fooled!  More and more wireless charging products are coming out and some are not Qi Certified. If it is Qi Certified, which means that the product went through extensive testing to ensure that it is safe and compatible with other wireless charging products. The certified products will include the Qi Certified logo pictured below:


Our PwrUp Qi Wireless Charging offers a quick and easy way to charge your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8, Nokia Lumina 1520, LG G4, Motorola, Droid Turbo, Google Nexus 7, plus many more.

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