(Minneapolis, MN) - Today marks a change in the industry for heavy duty mounts for smartphone, tablets, and GPS. Bracketron officially releases a new line of heavy duty mounts; the HD (Heavy Duty) Pro series. Bracketron X.

Between these three mounts will be the ability to safely and securely hold a tablet, phone, or GPS unit with the aid of military grade aluminum, knurled ball and socket joints for full 360 degree rotation, oversized wingnuts for additional tightening leverage, and a supersized TemporbondTM butyl suction cup with high-impact plastic base cap to ensure your tools and devices are properly secured to any surface. The result is a durable metal mount that is able to stand up to the daily work professionals need.

The HD Phone Dock Pro is a durable phone mount that was designed to keep your phone in place, in any environment. With the larger TemporbondTM butyl suction cup mount and all metal head mount, drivers no longer need to worry about their phone mount falling, or their phone dislodging from the mount. 

For those with tablets, the Bracketron HD Tablet Dock Pro opens to 10” wide to fit nearly any tablet on the market. Complete with metal head-mount and rubber gripping pads, the HD Tablet Dock Pro will be the last thing a professional will need to worry about while driving down the road. And since battery power is crucial, the HD Tablet Dock Pro allows for chargers to be seamlessly integrated to keep drivers informed and active.

Using a GPS device? Not a problem. Bracketron also has their HD GPS Dock Pro. It combines all of the wonderful features of its sister mounts, and comes complete with the mount you need to attach your GPS device. Simply choose the style of attachment needed, mount, and position it to best suit your driving needs!

All three metal mounts are designed to provide professional drivers with a durable, long-lasting, trustworthy mount. It’s why we have included a lifetime warranty with each of them. 

Feel free to check out the entire line of mounts. Bracketron recognizes the need for all mounts for all budgets, and has created an affordable line of mounts dedicated to professionals. This is the penultimate line of product for professionals, off-road enthusiasts, heavy-use drivers who need to ensure safety and hands-free use of their phone while driving. 

Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies including smartphone, tablet, GPS, camera and audio devices. We offer a broad selection of products and accessories designed to offer an optimal level of flexibility and functionality.

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