Bracketron offers safe driving tips and 15% off select hands-free mobile device mounts to #supportsafedriving in April and beyond

Minneapolis, MN – April 10, 2014 – Bracketron, a leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for mobile devices, recognizes Distracted Driving Awareness month by offering safe driving tips and discounts on their popular line of in-vehicle mounts that allow you to stay safely connected on the road. Their best-selling Mi-T Grip, MobileDock Dash Mount, Universal Grip-iT Windshield Mount and Universal USB PowerDock Pro Flex and all other hands-free Safe Driver Approved mounts will be offered at 15 percent off their regular price for the entire month of April.

Currently, hands-free device use in vehicles is approved across the United States. According to auto authority Edmunds.com, 99 percent of 2012 cars are equipped with standard or optional Bluetooth connectivity for phones, meaning most vehicles and many navigation systems have access to voice controls. These features coupled with Bracketron’s hands-free mounts can help to minimize distractions on the road.

This April with coupon code #supportsafedriving, Bracketron encourages drivers to follow these tips for safe mobile device use in your vehicle.

Know Where You’re Headed
When using a GPS device or GPS app on your mobile phone while in your vehicle, turn on your GPS and enter your destination before starting your vehicle. That way you eliminate the distraction of entering the address while you’re driving. It also helps to review your route before you hit the road. (Note: Some GPS devices on the market today block the input of destination while your vehicle is in motion).

Stay in Line of Sight
Be sure that your mobile device is securely mounted in a position that allows you to see the screen at a quick glance and easily reach it without adjusting your driving position. Position the mount in an area that does not block your view so you’ve got a full line of sight to the road ahead.

Put Your Voice Behind It
Use voice commands with your GPS device and ask passengers to help with any adjustments needed. These days, several apps allow you to dictate your instructions even if you’re not able to do it strictly through your phone. Safe driving apps like DriveSafe.ly and iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro let you use voice commands instead of your hands to operate your device.

But Most of All
Never text and drive. Period.

With Bracketron’s 12-year history of creating quality, affordable universal mounting solutions that allow for safe in-vehicle use of GPS and mobile devices, they strive to encourage responsible mobile device use where allowed, educating customers on the facts and figures behind distracted driving so they can make informed decisions to drive safely. Bracketron’s Safe Driver Approved affordable mounts make safe driving an easy solution on any budget. Simply enter the promo code #supportsafedriving at checkout to receive the special April price. While on the website, check out the facts on safe driving to learn more on how you can play a role in keeping your community safe.

Fans of Bracketron will be entered to win a free Safe Driver Approved mount by simply Liking and Sharing Bracketron’s safe driving stats on Facebook to encourage awareness among friends and other use

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