In the air or on the road, it’s the perfect travel companion

Minneapolis, MN. – September 1, 2018 –Bracketron, an industry leader in universal mounts and accessories for mobile devices, announces the new Roadtripper Airplane Tablet Mount.  


The Roadtripper Airplane Tablet Mount is the ideal traveling accessory. Airlines are getting rid of screens on the back of seats in favor of offering more content through their internet options, since many fliers already use their own devices. The Airplane Tablet Mount, allows you to simply hook it around the tray table latch, attach your device and you’re ready to go. This strong and durable mount will hold most smartphones or tablets safely and securely with our powerful magnet. Our airplane mount is adjustable, giving you optimal viewing, while on the plane with your tray table up or down. It also includes a vent bracket for your rental vehicle, making it the ultimate multi-tasking travel accessory. Roadtripper Airplane Tablet Mount is available at for $49.99 and includes a travel case with room for cables and earbuds.  Head to our Youtube page to learn more! 

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