It is with great joy that we announce our attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020!

Bracketron will be bringing a plethora of new products that not only push for a solution to create safer driving habits, but also providing modern-day solutions in a world that’s integrated more of its assets into a digital mobile platform.

As tablet and phone technology rapidly makes its way into the professional driving world, Bracketron will be debuting our new phone, tablet, and accessory mounts specifically designed for professional drivers. Bracketron X. 

This line was designed specifically for those whose road is their office. We’ve beefed up our mounts with metal armatures and clamps, increased the size of our already super-strong TemporbondTM suction cup mount, and increased durability and style of our clamping holding technology to keep up with the demand that professional fleet drivers need on a daily basis. 

For regular drivers we’ll have on display new products accessories to pair and compliment the technology in mobile phone for use in your vehicle. As more states enact Distracted Driving laws, it’s important to know what your options are.

This year we’ll be featuring phone mounts that automatically lock onto and hold your phone in place while simultaneously charging it. An updated OneClick mount that includes wireless charging while maintaining a simple and minimal design. A newly released VOICE Bluetooth 5.0 FM transmitter, our PwrUp series phone mounts, and a host of new improved product lines that we’re excited to debut to consumers.

2020 will be a very exciting year for Bracketron and our team. We’re changing the car accessories world in the hopes to make everyone’s job, drive, and experience in your vehicle as safe and enjoyable as possible. With new emerging automotive technologies happening almost daily, you can bet Bracketron is looking for ways to offer every driver around the world the best driving experience, while keeping the roads safe for everyone.

Come find us at Booth #32065 and pick up a FREE press kit with some of our new and exciting products!


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