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PwrUp Series Wireless Charging Mounts

Minneapolis, MN – October 14, 2019 – Bracketron’s new PwrUp Qi Magnet Phone Mount is changing the way drivers go hands free. Drivers with wireless charging compatible phones can effortlessly charge their phone while it sits securely within a powerful magnetic mount. As more states start to enact distracted driving laws, drivers are required to have their phones securely placed in a mount.

With the release of the new PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount, drivers can simultaneously keep their phone secured and wirelessly charged within their vehicle, while utilizing the Qi-certified fast wireless charge feature. That’s right! Drivers can now wirelessly fast-charge their Qi-enabled smartphone as they drive. Everything required to install the mount is included in the box. Which includes the Tempurbond™ suction cup and multi-style vent clips, drivers can mount the PwrUp Qi Magnet Charger to their vent, dash, or windshield.

Setting up the PwrUp Qi Magnet Phone Mount is simple. The free charging PwrUp mobile app, developed and patented by Bracketron, allows drivers to pinpoint by phone model where their wireless charging coil is located. This is extremely important since the wireless charging coil must be optimally aligned with the charging surface in order to ensure a fast charge every time the phone is placed onto the mount.  Another important feature of the PwrUp mobile app is the battery charge monitoring which keeps a smartphone battery from early and preventable fatigue. Early foresight and innovation into the wireless charging market has allowed Bracketron to be first to market to offer this combination of wireless charging and mounting alignment.

If drivers prefer something without magnets, the PwrUp Qi Gravity Mount features all the same great features of the PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount, but instead secures the phone with gripping arms that actuate from the weight of the phone. A quick ingenious way to secure and charge your phone without additional bulk.

Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies including smartphones, tablets, GPS, cameras and digital audio. Founded in 2001, Bracketron, Inc. has since broadened its product line to include a variety of flexible mounting solutions designed to extend the use of the device and enhance the overall user experience.

“We strive to promote safe driving and what better way to do that than having a Qi Wireless Charging mount. Although wireless charging has been available in the marketplace, Apple has brought the technology to the forefront with the launch the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X that are all Qi-enabled. We encourage drivers to remain hands-free while on the road. With their phone in a mount that automatically charges it, they now won’t have to fumble around with charging cables.”

 – Andy Chow, Vice President Product & Business Development at Bracketron


PwrUp Qi Gravity Mount




We are the first to offer a Wireless Charging App. that ensure you are charging at the fastest rate possible for your phone model. Not all wireless phone mounts are created equal. Trust us to deliver the fastest wireless charging experience.


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