Hands-Free in 2019:

Universal Mobile Phone & Device Holders Creating Safer Roads

Minneapolis, MN – August 7, 2019  – Bracketron is actively responding to Minnesota’s new Hands-Free law that is now in effect throughout the state. Bracketron provides customers with easy-to-use, sturdy and effective device holders and accessories tailored to every driver’s needs. With years of extensive research – along with actively seeking feedback from our customers – Bracketron has developed hands-free device holders and accessories that securely fit wherever and however a driver prefers. Mount your device holder in your vehicle’s air vent or CD slot, on the window, dash, and more. Our hands-free device holders work for you. As a testament to our innovation, our latest Qi (“CH-EE”) mounting system wirelessly charges smartphones while in their respective holder.

“We strive to promote safe driving and what better way to do that than having a Qi Wireless Charging mount. Although wireless charging has been available in the marketplace, Apple has brought the technology to the forefront with the launch the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X that are all Qi-enabled. We encourage drivers to remain hands-free while on the road. With their phone in a mount that automatically charges it, they now won’t have to fumble around with charging cables.”

 – Andy Chow, Vice President Product & Business Development at Bracketron


Distracted driving has become a statistical danger among Minnesota roads and has shown to be as dangerous as drunk driving. Utilizing over fifteen (15) years of experience originating back to the early days of GPS device holders, Bracketron not only has a pedigree of success as one of the first innovators of these products, but is taking proactive measures to increase safety on our roadways. We’re working with the MN Safety Council to better assist those who may be looking for a product to go hands-free – especially those whose offices are based IN their vehicle. A custom selection of eleven products has been created to help show customers just how well our products can fit their needs, as well as high fidelity FM transmitters for cars without Bluetooth systems.

For more information and for a full list of capabilities for all of your universal mounting needs, visit bracketron.com, join our email newsletter, or connect with us on social media!

Bracketron, based in the Minneapolis Metro area, provides innovative mounts and accessories for the safest driving experience. We are committed to quality and customer service.


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