Free Your Power 


Mighty, Tiny, and Safe—Your new travel-friendly power companion


Make traveling simple and safe: With the Qdapter, you can safely adapt the local power source to work with your electronics and electrical appliances. It can be easily stored in your luggage or carry-on. This adapter features a fully grounded system that lets you connect your laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera and other portable electronics internationally without overheating.



The Qda\\Qdapter also features a built-in high-speed USB charging port, so you can charge your smartphone while another device is plugged in. Travelers can go to over 120 countries with this adapter and use their grounded or ungrounded plugs safely. Everyone wants a reliable and secure travel adapter—the Qdapter went through rigorous testing to exceed the highest industry standards. Travelers can travel confidently with protection against shock, fire and overcharging. All products fully comply with all international and local safety standards. The additional security will keep you worry-free and able to enjoy your next adventure. The Qdapter will be available in April at for $39.99, click here to learn more.



About Bracketron                             
Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies including smartphone, tablet, GPS, camera and other electronic devices. Bracketron offers a broad selection of mounting configuration options designed to offer an optimal level of flexibility and functionality. The company has broadened its product line to include a variety of flexible mounting options designed to extend the use of these devices and enhance the overall user experience. For more information about Bracketron, visit

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