How Wireless Charging Became the Future of Phone Mounts

Thanks to the advent of wireless phone charging, drivers no longer have to worry about keeping phone chargers in their car any longer.

Bracketron has become one of the first to combine wireless charging in conjunction with mounting solutions. Surprisingly, it costs the same as a regular phone mounts without the technology of a wireless charger. That's because Bracketron prioritized the affordability of this product, without compromising quality.

The new PwrUp Mi-T Grip is a wireless charging phone mount for your car featuring a fast, 10 Watt amount of charge capacity, a heavy-duty spring for a secure grip, and the ability to mount to the dash, window or the vent of your choosing.

The PwrUp Mi-T Grip is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones with its wireless charging base. The mount uses electromagnetic inductive power to wirelessly charge your phone on the wireless charging pads.

Curious about what cell phones are Qi-enabled? Most are in today's market, from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy's, but to be sure, just google your make and model to see all Qi standard phones!

One of the best things about the PWrUp Mi-T Grip is its one-handed operation. The mount instantly closes to secure your phone on the charging pad when simply touched. The mount allows drivers to be hands-free while driving.

Unlike other Qi-enabled mounts, the PwrUp Mi-T Grip comes with everything you need, including a 10 Watt car charging cable and free access to the Bracketron PwrUp app on the Google Play Store. 

The PwrUp Mi-T Grip is the best mount on the market that keeps your phone both secure and charged for all your driving adventures.

To get your wireless charging mount today please visit the wireless section of our website.

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