Since the get-go, Bracketron has prided itself on its ability and innovation in the technology of phone mounting solutions. And they have done it again! Bracketron just introduced the PwrUp Automatic wireless charging phone mount. No more sticky metal plates or complicated instructions. Simply mount and go.

With a whopping 15 Watt charging ability, the PwrUp Automatic is Bracketron’s fastest charging, Qi-compatible, automated phone holder yet. Instantly start fast-charging your iPhone, Samsung, and other devices.

This phone mount is guaranteed to keep your phone charged on any road adventure. The charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled cell phones, including the new iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy. Most modern smartphones will have a wireless Qi-charging function. This makes it perfect for those who are obsessed with the latest technology.

Speaking of which, the PwrUp uses infrared technology to sense the phone’s touch. The mount automatically grabs and secures the driver’s phone with a custom fit, making one-handed operation possible.

Dash, window, and vent bases are included in the pack for flexibility and versatility for the user! No matter what base you choose, you can have confidence the mount will hold your phone securely. The adjustable head with a locking collar helps keep this mount stable and secure.

The PwrUp is known for its telescoping arm that allows for extra length for the dashboard and windshield bases. The long arm can extend and rotate for different viewing experiences. A vent mount is included for those preferring a more flush and compact look. The base for the vent works on horizontal, vertical, and circular vent shapes.

This mount comes with everything needed to charge your smartphone including the different bases, cable, and the 12 Volt plug.

Hands-free and distraction-free driving is our passion. A single press of the button will automatically release your phone for fast and seamless removal. Safer driving has never been easier. One-handed operation is possible with the right technology, and Bracketron has you covered!

The PwrUp Automatic accepts phones up to 3.4” in width. Even thick phone cases can fit securely with its deep phone holder base.

About Bracketron

Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies. Bracketron offers a large selection of products designed to offer flexibility and functionality. Creating new ideas and using the latest technology is how we develop quality solutions.

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