Bracketron QuikMagnet Ultra CD Slot/Vent Mount

SKU: BT1-948-2
Sale price$29.99


Introducing the Bracketron QuikMagnet CD-Slot Mount, your versatile solution for securely holding most smartphones and GPS devices, whether they have a case or not. With its powerful magnet, this mount ensures a secure grip, allowing for convenient one-handed operation while driving. The CD slot mount is designed to fit most CD slots, both OEM and aftermarket, offering flexibility in installation. Additionally, it can be used as a vent mount on various vent styles, including round, horizontal, and vertical, thanks to its adaptability. With 360-degree rotation, you can switch between portrait and landscape viewing as needed. Integrated cord management keeps your charging cable organized, and support feet ensure your phone stays securely mounted while on the move. The package includes two metal mounting discs in silver and matte black to suit your preferences. Drive safely and stay connected with the Bracketron QuikMagnet CD-Slot Mount.