Bracketron RoadTripper Dash Remote FM Transmitter

SKU: BT5-272-2
Sale price$29.99

Part of the Bracketron Connect line the Roadtripper Dash Car FM Transmitter is the ultimate car companion. With the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 and 2 fast charging ports, your driving experience will surely be upgraded. Go from the convenience of taking calls to listen to music using your favorite streaming app all from one device. This FM transmitter also features a micro SD card reader so you can play the music of your choice without having to connect your phone at all. Connected? Answer calls using the answer and decline buttons are conveniently located largely on the main device that is easily attachable wherever you’d find it most convenient in your car. Elevate your audio experience on the go with the Roadtripper Dash by Bracketron and seamlessly connect, for an exceptional audio automotive experience.